Product name: Tankless Solar Collector
Model: 125*1870mm & 137*2160mm
Material: High Borosilicate Glass Tube 3.3
Absorption Ratio: 90%
Emission Ratio:8%
Stagnation Temperature:Over 250 degree
Products Type:Pressurized
Guarantee Period: 1 years
Tubes Quantity:3 tubes,4 tubes,5 tubes or by order

CSP Holding Group is one of the reliable factory and suppler for solar vacuum tube、heat pipe solar vacuum tube、heat pipe solar collector、solar water heater and parts for SWH over 12 years,we have the world class full range of automatic lines for solar thermal products from glass tube to solar water heater .

Our thankless solar collector is manufacturing based on top quality standard,it use the best quality large diameter solar vacuum tubes around the world.
Offered the solar collector with 125mm and 137mm diameter and 1860 and 2160mm tubes length.
Right now,we are producing over 10000 units per month which can make sure the fast delivery .Due to we are producing solar vacuum tube,heat pipe by our-self ,so the quality is strictly control-ed by our company.

Right now,our heat pipe collector have exported to USA,Germany,Italy,India,Mexico, so on.Our target is to be the number one supplier in the world for the solar collector and we will do our best to leading the quality and service in the market.



We have the No.1 fully automatic production lines of the big size solar vacuum tube and tankless solar collector which can produce 125/137/150mm diameter,length from 600-2100mm.

With this new line we can supply the 125*1800mm tubes over 200000pcs per year.

What’s more,produced the tankless solar collector done the projects in China and exported to USA,Italy,India and etc.

Technical Parameters


Tankless Solar Collector Advantages:

1.The best quality large diameter solar vacuum tubes.

2.Fully automatic production line,quality is stable and control

3.Stagnation temperature over 250 degree

4.High efficiency and low heat loss,collector efficiency more than 80%

6.Special Inner tubes design

7.OEM is available

8.Fast delivery,1000 units in 3 weeks

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