Product name: Solar Water Heater Accessories.
Include: Nipple Pipe,Silicon Ring,Dust Ring,Tank Cover,Magnesium Rod,Electric Heater and so on.
Guarantee Period: 5 years
Application:Solar Water Heater & Solar Collector

CSP Holding Group is one of the reliable factory and suppler for solar vacuum tube、heat pipe solar vacuum tube、heat pipe solar collector、solar water heater and parts for SWH over 12 years,we have the world class full range of automatic lines for solar thermal products from glass tube to solar water heater .

With our 12 years expediences in producing solar vacuum tube our quality is the most stable one in the market ,with the help of experienced engineer who are working in Linuo before more than 20 years ,we are control the quality very strictly ,such as absorption rate(over 92%),stagnation temperature(over 240 degree) and emission rate(below 7% ) is much high level compare the national standard.

Right now,we have more than 10 million pcs output which can make sure the in time delivery to the worldwide market.Also,Our super quality solar vacuum tube have exported to USA,Germany,Italy,India,Mexico,South Africa,Middle East and so on.Our target is to be the number one supplier in the world for the solar vacuum tube and we will do our best to leading the quality and service in the market.

Silicon ring is a very important solar water heater accessories for sealing the inner tank.
Usage:for the inner water tank,seal the inner tank,confirm the water tank won’t leak water when using
Weight:16g/pc or by order
Lifespan:more than 15 years.

Dusting ring is a very important parts using on the outer tank.
Usage:for the outer tank,prevent the dust enter into the water tank
Material:PVC and silicon
Color:black,red and on
Lifespan:more than 15 years.

Tube holder is a very important solar water heater accessories.
Usage:supporting solar vacuum tube
Color:black,white,green or by order
Lifespan:more than 15 years.

Inner tank use high quality stainless steel plate, 304/2B or 316L, you can choose the thickness 0.31mm/0.38mm/0.41mm/0.5mm and so on. There are No-welding type, Roll-welding type and Vertical position welding. It’s a very important solar water heater accessories.
Usage:for the inner tank
Dimater:360mm,370mm,380mm or by order
Thickness:0.31mm,0.41mm or by order
Type: welding and non-welding

Outer tank use high quality stainless steel plate, 201/2B or 201BA, you can choose the thickness 0.31mm/0.30mm/ and so on. With different type and it’s a very important solar water heater accessories.
Usage:for the outer tank.
Diameter:450mm,460mm,470mm and so on
Thickness option: 0.31mm/0.38mm/0.41mm
Surface:2B and BA

Electirc heater is a very important water heater accessories both for solar water heater and electric solar water heater.
Usage:heating the water
Material:incoloy 800,SS316,SS304
Diameter:1”,1 3/4”
Length:250mm,370mm or by order

Two-Touch Fitting, which is constituted by brass connector, stainless steel pipe nipple and red copper pipe nipple, is used on integrated pressurized solar water heater with the purpose of sealing water tank.So it’s a very important solar water heater accessories.
It also affects the hot performance of entire solar water heater by fitting with heat pipe condensation head. We overcame the design weakness of two-touch fitting and improved the fit between two-touch fitting and condensation head and sealing of water tank after many years technical improvement.
Usage:connection pipe for heat pipe
Material:copper,stainless steel 304,316

We supply solar water heaters aluminum fins for heat pipe and U-type collectors.It’s a very important solar water heater accessories.
It is made by quality aluminum alloy, roundness is good. Aluminum fin is used to support heat pipe inside vacuum tube. it close inside wall of tube, can improve heat transfer to condenser of heat pipe.
Thickness:0.14mm,0.2mm or by order
Length:1500mm,1650mm or by order

Solar water heater connection part is a very import solar water heater accessories for connnect the water heater tank with frame.
Usage:connect water tank with frame
Material:SS201 or by order
Length:20mm or by order

Header Pipe is one of the most important solar water heater part, the material is red copper, thickness is 1.0mm. Outer diameter is 35mm. The both ends need to be shorten to 22mm. Usually we adopt center distance 80mm for condenser position, vacuum tube is 58mm. In very rare instances, people use 47/1500 tubes, so we need to shorten the center distance to 70mm or 60mm.
We produce header pipe by full-automatic machine, it can control center distance strictly. Finish welding of the cap of condenser, header pipe need to through pressure test under 12 bars in 10 minutes.
Usage:heat pipe solar collector
Diameter:22mm or by order
Thickness:0.8mm or by order

Heat pipe solar vacuum tube is a very important solar water heater accessories,including solar vacuum tube,copper heat pipe,auinum fin and silicon ring.
Usage:for the heat pipe solar vacuum tubes
Diameter of Heat Pipe:8mm
Diameter of Condenser:14mm,24mm
Length of Condenser:65mm
Thickness of copper pipe:0.5mm,0.4mm or by order
The advantage
Adopt three-target high efficiency solar vacuum tube
High efficiency heat pipe:Condenser 14mm.copper pipe 8mm
High purity Cu,more than 99.999999%
10 years quality guarantee, at least 15 years lifespan.

Solar controller is a very important solar water heater accessories for solar water heater, It is used to control integrated un-pressurized solar thermal system. It is developed using the high-performance microcontroller to achieve intelligent control; All devices are industry standard and maintain good operation in cold, hot and humid environments.
At the same time, it uses a dedicated clock chip, accurate time control. The controller uses LCD liquid crystal display, the appearance of beautiful, stable and reliable performance, easy installation, making it the best matching products for solar water heater.
1.Dimension:205mmX150mmX50mm or by order
2.Power supply:AC100-240V,50Hz
3.Accuracy of temperature measuring:±2℃
4.Range of tank temperature measuring:0~99℃
5.Power for water loading:≤200W
6.Power for self heating cable:≤600W