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Welcome to CSP Holding Group

CSP Holding Group is a company focused on delivering affordable & reliable solar solution. We strive to design, produce, and sell cost-effective solar systems that deliver sustainable value to our customers. We are looking forward to improving your economic and sustainable energy solutions.

Our Renewable Products, Your Green Life Resource!

The Company Profile

CSP Holding Group Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of solar thermal and Solar Power System(OFF-GRID & ON GRID) & accessories with over 20 years production experience. Members in our group: Shandong hengshuo Automation Equipment Incorporated Company: well-known manufacturer of solar water heater and electrc water heater tank making machines; Shandong Chenxu Solar Power Equipment: professional supplier of solar power system and solar panel production line; Hengdu Solar: professional manufacture of solar cell; Shandong Zentek Energy and Technology Co., Ltd: our professional solar engineering company; WorldFoodTrailer Manufacturing Co.,LTD:our wholly owned subsidiary which committed to energy saving and healthy electric truck and mobile food trailer; and also our JV Factory in Lithuania and Egypt.

We can provide customized products and offer “one-stop” service to supply our customers with water heater production machinery ,different parts for solar water heater and solar power system (OFF-GRID & ON GRID).

In recent years, our products have been well accepted by markets in Europe, America, Africa and Asia and have won high reputation worldwide. With focuses on continous improvements on products, R&D,management and service, our company are strongly committed to our unique mission of providing effective solution for the friends all over the world.

We have been devoting ourselves to creating the low-carbon environment for our customers and offering one-stop services based on customers’ actual requirements. If you have any need or interest in our products, welcome to contact us.

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